Tea Tree & Peppermint Bar Soap - Organic

Tea Tree & Peppermint Bar Soap - Organic

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5 oz | 142 g

Used for: Acne

Tea Tree and Peppermint Facial Soap is a luxurious soap that cleanses and revitalizes your face with a creamy lather and leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth. The best natural and organic ingredients are selected to be part of our Tea Tree and Peppermint Facial Soap. This handmade soap is packed with fresh organic peppermint leaves and organic tea tree oil that will work wonders on your skin thanks to their antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. 

How to use:  Work into a full creamy lather with your hands. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse well.


Ingredients: Organic Palm Oil, Water, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide*, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, Organic Cajeput Essential Oil, Organic Peppermint Leaves, Organic Parsley Powder. 

*Safe synthetic.

99.9% Organic. Phthalate-free. Gluten-free. Paraben-free. Silicone-free. Alcohol-free.

Made in the USA.